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33degree day3

Session 1:

Day 3 began with the same problem that I had during last talk on previous day. Venkat vs Nathaniel. I picked Venkat, as I expected that JVM languages integrate without any effort from developer, and abstract of his talk suggested something different.

Venkat showed some edge cases when something may go wrong. And after all I’d do better if I went to Nat talk. However now I’m certain that I don’t want to use in production any of the alternative JVM languages. Ok, maybe groovy for testing and tooling support.  But as the problems that I solve, are not complicated enough to raise  complexity bar of a project significantly, I choose to stay in pure Java world.

I know, I wouldn’t have to write semicolons or brackets anymore, but is it really worth it?

Also we are currently recruting Java devs, and it gives us enough of problems to find them, so I don’t even want to imagine how hard it could be to get experienced Scala devs.

There are tools that allow for some coolness level. And as for ceremony in Java -> we got Intellij, and it solves a lot of problems related to that :) Also I like my brackets! Hands off of them. For some they raise readability.

On the same page I feel that the time when Scala / Groovy / clojure or Kotlin (?) will be a must have skill, is near, so I have to reserve some time for learning them, soon.

 Session 2:

Second talk for me, was by Ken Sipe. Pre that talk I didn’t know much about noSQL DBs. I did some spiking, but I never even benchmarked it.

Luckily, Ken thought about noobs like me, and started with high overview what noSQL is.Then he showed up project where he used MongoDB and some cases which gave his team a problem during implementation.

As I don’t know much about Mongo, I hope that this talk has been recorded and I’ll be able to see it again later, when I’ll learn more in the topic.

Session 3:

That was probably the hardest of choices. I had to choose from 3 great speakers and 3 different areas of my interest. To make it simple: I knew that I don’t want to go about JAva 7 cloud talk, and Uncle Bob preaching about TDD. What I did not know, was do I want to learn more about Lucene, HTML 5 or Gradle.

I picked Gradle.

Szczepan had really hard time to decide whether he wants to show the basics (as most of the people never seen gradle before) or to go with the topic from title: building plugins in gradle. He tried two do both, and failed in my opinion.

He’d do better by abandoning the plugin part and just doing introduction into the build system. More people would benefit and those of us that know that tool already maybe would see something new. Even if not, I guess that we would understood.

As for me the most important part was after the talk itself as I had occasion to eat lunch with GradleWare team and ask couple of questions and make some requests regarding Intellij integration :)

By the way. In June there will be my talk on Tricity JUG about Gradle.

Ending Keynotes:

After lunch there were 3 good talks. First one was by Nathaniel about Craft. As I heard it many o times by different speakers I skipped most part of it.
Second one was by Jurgen Appelo, and I’ve also skipped it, but only because I’ve heard it recently as it’s available on InfoQ. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it now! And I didn’t skip it entirely, what you could see on my twitter stream.

Last keynote was by Uncle Bob. One problem that I had with it was that it was a compilation of his other talks, and as I seen most (all?) of them, it was quite boring to hear all the punch lines again. Although it was good to see him live :)

Some thoughts on conference itself:

  • It was great, like last year. I’ll be there next year also :)
  • Number of must see talks  was too high. It was giving me headaches to pick where I want to be. Next year please invite some rubbish speakers ;) (e.g. me :>)
  • It was bit overcrowded (as many people noticed)
  • Grzegorz applied learning and fixed all the issues that I remember from last year.

CU next year :)

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  1. 23/05/2012 at 08:09

    Thanks for extended view on 33rd Degree talk by talk. It is one of the key feedback I can get and implement next year.
    What I have already implemented from your list of final thoughts:
    – 33rd Degree 2013 will have muuuuch more space than we had ion 2012. In 2012 there was simply no better place in Krakow to organize such a big conference.
    – Unfortunately, next year you will get bigger headache as number of concurrent talks will probably raise as I expect even more people willing to come (especially after such a great reviews) – we had to close 2012 registration a month in advance with 700 attendees.
    – Looking at my “Speakers to invite” list, it looks like magic 1000+ participants should be easily crossed. And I can assure you it will not be overcrowded ;)
    CU next year :)

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