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33degree day2

Session 1:

I started day 2 with some good old new desktop Java. Michael Heinrichs has been talking about Java FX usage in business. Topic reflected the presentation with small misstatement about business. It was very technical talk and for me it was bit boring (maybe because it was first talk of the day). I regret in the end that I haven’t picked up one of other two talks that I wanted to attend. But at least I got some takeaways from it.

As unofficial information Michael mentioned something about JavaFX applications working natively on iOS and Android. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it would be great :) Second thing is that I’ve learned that I don’t want to go back to Swing ever again. JavaFX does not have the same threading issues as Swing.

Session 2:

After not so good start, it was time for Matthew McCullough brand new talk titled “Economic games in software projects”.  He talked about various topics: from investing money into tools that we need in everyday work to showing simple tricks that make our products more attractive for our clients. Great talk, attend if possible.

I graduated on University with specialization with economy and econometrics, so I often calculate cost bit different than most of my friends, as most people  doesn’t count alternative cost. I do, and I’m glad that I’m not the only one in this industry ;)

And again I’ve missed one interesting talk. But it was worth it :)

Session 3:

From all talks during this session, most interesting seemed to be Venkat with talk about concurrency in pure Java. I don’t remember when I was solving threading issues for last time, however I remember that painful experience ;)

Venkat showed us first different approaches to concurrency using alternative JVM languages, and followed that with traditional Java (using synchronization and locks). Then he presented a new way, using Clojure libraries. It looked dead simple and it’s a useful  to know  about such tool. If needed then check Clojure ref and locks.

And yet again I’ve missed two talks. But luckily this time it were Polish speakers and I hope that there will be occasion to catch up on theirs ideas (in fact Sławek Sobótka will be in Gdańsk this week :))

Session 4:

Time for some Spocking action with Luke Daley. I heard about Spock couple of times, and checked some examples, but I’ve never gave it a try. It  was a good overview of interesting tool and well invested time. What can I say more, just google for Spock and give it a go.

Session 5:

After 3 good sessions and not so bad day I went to Anton Arhipov talk about “Mastering Java bytecode with ASM”. What I’ve learned is that there are better things to waste life than working with ASM :E As for talk itself, it had one very serious problem: it was too technical and focused on low level details.

Do I really had to learn about all the code numbers and flags used by Java? It would be better, IMHO, if Anton abstracted more and talked bit more about other tools that use ASM. That talk is probably great for experts, but the rest of us was zombiefied in the end, so there were no questions and it was probably shortest talk of them all (as it went for about 30 minutes)

Session 6:

was a hard nut to crack. I really wanted to see Nathaniel Schutta but as Scala is a cool kid (and I had pleasure to attend to Łukasz Kuczera talks about it), I decided to check out language again (and from point of view of different speaker). That how I end up, on Venkat talk about Scala. As this post is getting long and I want to sum up this talk with another from Venkat, please check Day 3 for my thoughts on Scala.

Session 7 (BOF session):

That one was easy -> I knew that I want to hear about what went wrong in Touk and what they learned from it.

They described couple of situations, how they approached the problem, what went wrong (in their opinion), and what is the proper solution (again: in their opinion).
What was most interesting for me is how differently we’ve looked on the same problem, it’s source and way to solve it. I won’t give detailed description, as I don’t remember examples good enough, but that reminded me, that I too often forget about such simple fact that people see different problems and have other ways of solving them.

Day end up in discussions and socializing :)

I also met Guys from JRebel and got one of their stickers. It went with me to UK, and through 3-4 major Polish cities + countless small ones. Should I invoice them for promoting JRebel? ;)

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