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33degree day1

It took me a while to write down those relations, but right after conference I was coming back to Poland and that meant packing and other boring stuff, then climate change and small cold, catching on old projects and … ok, I was just lazy :)

Let’s start from the very beginning. Like last year I’ve arrived two days earlier. One of side reasons why 33degree > any other conference is that it takes place in Kraków. You attend to great conference and got whole weekend in one of  most beautiful Polish cities. Also same like last year, Grzegorz thought even about booking nice weather for the weekend, it was warm and sunny for whole time :D Thanks for that! ;)

Session 1:

On Monday (day 1) weather was more friendly for attendees. First talk was by Raffi Krikorian from Twitter. He told us about migrating  Twitter from Rails towards JVM (read Scala). What I really liked is that he presented a lot of impressive numbers about Twitter. I’ve listened up to a moment when he showed the code. That was just too early in the morning for it and I was still before my first coffee.

My takeaway from that talk is that rails are production ready and can support very large site. If you grow as large as Twitter did, then you can afford to migrate to some other platform. Or to ease future migration you can start working on JRuby from day 1 ;)

I went for a coffee and while passing by, O’Reilly stand just sucked me in with 40% discount. I did as I always do when I see books: I’ve checked them all: touched, sniffed, took a peek inside everyone of them, to do what any reasonable and well educated man would do, a week before moving back from foreign country and while trying to reduce his baggage size: I bought one. Maybe it will learn me how to think and learn pragmatically.

After that I had enough of time to I stop by Luxsoft stand. Well it was quite obvious choice as else their ninjas would just tear me into pieces! For tad of my time (and filling a short form) I was rewarded with a ninja t-shirt :) But had to evacuate right after that as they asked me to solve a problem (I still was before that first coffee. And what the hell!  Me and thinking!? Maybe that book gave them a wrong idea?)

Session 2:

By the time that I’ve dealt with first coffee and said hi to many familiar faces it was time for second session, by Ken Sipe. It was about complexity and how we, developers, tend to mix up two ideas: complexity and complicated. We also like to make simple things more complex than it’s needed. Hard not to agree. Session was nice and it kick started my brain better than the coffee.

Session 3:

Next session was by Venkat Subramaniam. His talks are always fun to watch, and this time it was no different. Thanks to it I could relax before git workshop. Venkat showed 5 whys technique and explained where it come from. The talk had anything that is needed to pump up any g33k. There was Dilbert, rockets and horse butts. Awesome!!!

Thing to remember: “Hand out with smart people” (probably he should say -> go to 2013.33degree.org ;))

Session 4:

Lunch was great, as usual on 33degree. Kudos to Grzegorz for making sure that there will be real food. And after lunch it was time for git workshop with Matthew McCullough, the only reason why  I brought laptop with me to Poland. Session was fun, I always enjoy Matthew talks. I never seen him unprepared. He knows the subject and his presentation perfectly. Whats more he has no problem with answering questions. Seriously, if you want to see well prepared presenter go to any of his talks (or Neal Ford, who is also always well prepared speaker).

As I knew and worked with git before, the session was more of a chance, to structure my  knowledge better  and get some tips from expert. It was good decision, although I would like to see Kotlin live. Well, maybe next year :)

And that’s how the day went by. Well almost, there still was beer party from JRebel guys and integration with people, which is the best part of any conference :) Discussion about differences between living in USA, Australia and Europe :D

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