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Photos from 33degree

Hi all,

I just finished uploading some of photographs I taken on 33degree conference to my flickr account.

To see all of them follow this link. Click those link for photos from day 1,  day 2, day 3 only.

I won’t upload everything I have taken on conference, but I will send them to Grzegorz. He will get them in original size (and that means hell big :)) and maybe will decide to share more of them or same but not resized.

As per reusing and license. I share them under CC -BY license. Note however that if you want to use them commercially (yeah, right :D), you probably should ask person on photo for permission.

On the other hand, if you are on one of photos and don’t want it to be published then notice me, I will either remove photo or censor it :)

Oh and don’t get used to English on my blog. I’ll be still posting mainly in Polish.


I know that some of the photos are moved, too dark or just crappy as hell. I hate to use flash, as I consider it distracting and rude, so I tried to use only light that was in the room. There wasn’t much of it there. I did my best, but those were my first steps with new camera and I still need to improve my technique. Next year batch will be better :)

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